Featuring Songs from the Heyday of Country Music Recording in Charlotte

Charlotte — country music capital?  Yep, back before studios located in Nashville, field recording teams roamed the South.  Charlotte was a favorite stop from the late ’20s into the ’40s. “Father of Bluegrass” Bill Monroe made his first recordings here in 1936. The original Carter Family trio cut their last discs in 1937. Grand Ol’ Opry stars Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith, Uncle Dave Macon, and the Delmore Brothers came over from Nashville. And homegrown musicians found widespread acclaim, including the Blue Sky Boys, the Dixon Brothers and J.E. & Wade Mainer.

The Kollard Kings lovingly dip into that songbag, not to re-create scratchy archival sounds, but to bring the music to life for today’s listeners.  Plus new songs by Donny Murray extend the tradition.

Learn more about Charlotte/Rock Hill recording history — overview, key performers, list of 1200+ songs available on CD.

Read the ongoing series on the Charlotte Sessions written by Tom Estes of the Kollard Kings for Charlotte Folk Society.

Your toes will tap, your ears will smile!

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 Listen to the Kollard Kings

“Going to Georgia”

“Peacock Rag”

“Salty Dog”

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More songs from the repertoire:
“Sweet Sunny South”

“Pig at Home in a Pen”

“I Shall Not Be Moved”

“My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mountains”